Turner Classic Movies in Buffalo

Spent a day at the historic North Park Theatre a few weeks back to film the TCM Backlot event and interviews for their ‘The Natural” screening event with director Barry Levinson. We got a nice little tour of the whole setup with Theatre Program Director Ray Barker and even got to see the projection booth which is a bona fide time capsule in itself.


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Sutter Homes Wines

This is a fun project I worked on as B-camera operator a few months back up in Watertown, NY. We had two C300MKII rolling right into the evening. Good times 🙂

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End of summer, beginning of hot dogs.

After a bit of a delay, we just squeaked by with great weather for two shoot days with Quinlan & Company. Eric Frick was on hand to direct our three spots for Sahlen’s Hot Dogs and this project marked the return of renowned food stylist Karen Marzak who managed to work our stills sets as well as our film sets simultaneously.

A sound decision (by me, hehe) in prep to utilize two-camera setups saved us the one thing besides budget that we didn’t have a lot of – time, and we managed to achieve our shoot days with little to no overtime.

Amazing makeup artist, Josselyn Scott, with our AMS talent.

Here I am checking the detailed schedule while creative director Frank Conjerti confidently looks on.

The sun setting as I confer with director Eric Frick. Everyone’s happy 🙂

Dishing it out in our makeshift garage studio.

Hot dogs are ready!

All BTS images courtesy Stephen Gabris/ING Photography.


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Big Beautiful Locks

Visited Lockport, NY this week to shoot interviews with Erie Canal historian Duncan Hay for a 12-part documentary series being produced by NHNZ of New Zealand about the Silk Road trade routes. The connection to the Erie Canal has to do with gunpowder that was used to blast the dolomite rock that makes up part of the canal.


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Go Bills

Got out to the big room at Buffalo Bills stadium yesterday to work with the guys from the NFL Channel on some interviews. Always feels so good to walk on that astroturf 🙂

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Yeah, science!

I visited Strong Memorial Hospital today to interview Dr. Nina Schor for Science Fair, a documentary for Fusion TV. Dr. Schor, as a 16 year old, entered the 1972 Westinghouse competition and won first prize which was the first time since boys and girls began competing against one another in 1949 that a girl had come out on top. Today she’s an esteemed doctor of pediatrics and child neurology.


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Industrial Style

Got out to the CooperVision distribution facility in Rochester last week for 2 days of excessive b-roll and on-camera fun with Mr. Frick. Canon C300, C500 (my new favorite cameras), and Conveyor belts galore!

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