Spent 4 days out on the beautiful lower Niagara river near Lewiston, NY recently with the crew from Leiter Outdoors to shoot steelhead fishing for their new adventure doc “Ice Fishing Hardcore.” Thankfully, I thought to wear my thermal underwear. Brisk!

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Interview with ME!

Sat down with photographer Stephen Gabris last week for a little podcast action, talking about being a cinematographer and such. Maybe someone can watch and let me know how it is? (I can’t watch myself.)

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Niagara USA

Back in September I served as DP on this ambitious run and gun piece for Niagara USA. The original concept involved mimicking selfie-cam with our real people talent so we used a mix of faux and real selfie-cam as well as some aerial footage.

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One Million Views !

Celebrated one million views of “Built by Us” today with the titans of creativity, creative director Frank Conjerti and art director Krista Roberts from Quinlan & Company. Director Eric Frick was with us also. He’s pretty good too 🙂

The spot was dropped on Facebook less than a month ago and has already achieved one million views and over 500 shares, whoot!




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New work for Life Storage

I shot and produced these three Eric Frick directed web spots for Life Storage a few months back with Quinlan & Co. with the crucial assistance of Stephen Barone (AD) and Nikki Styliades (PM.) Original music was composed and recorded by Ryan Richards.

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Made in America

Got out to the Dunlop motorcycle tire plant yesterday to craft some footage with the Cumbo, Inc. team. I found out they crank out 4,000 motorcycle tires per day there from 3 shifts and they send zero waste to landfills. Oh, I also found out I like the smell of warm tire rubber, haha. Seems to be a cross between skunk and hot asphalt.




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JCK features work for Kay Jewelers

Jewelry industry authority, JCK magazine features in their current issue, work I served as cinematographer on for Cumbo, Inc. Click the image here to see the article, “10 Favorite Jewelry Promotions of 2016.”


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