Big beautiful locks

Visited Lockport, NY this week to shoot interviews with Erie Canal historian Duncan Hay for a 12-part documentary series being produced by NHNZ of New Zealand about the Silk Road trade routes. The connection to the Erie Canal has to do with gunpowder that was used to blast the dolomite rock that makes up part of the canal.


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Go Bills

Got out to the big room at Buffalo Bills stadium yesterday to work with the guys from the NFL Channel on some interviews. Always feels so good to walk on that astroturf 🙂

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Yeah, science!

I visited Strong Memorial Hospital today to interview Dr. Nina Schor for Science Fair, a documentary for Fusion TV. Dr. Schor, as a 16 year old, entered the 1972 Westinghouse competition and won first prize which was the first time since boys and girls began competing against one another in 1949 that a girl had come out on top. Today she’s an esteemed doctor of pediatrics and child neurology.


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Industrial Style

Got out to the CooperVision distribution facility in Rochester last week for 2 days of excessive b-roll and on-camera fun with Mr. Frick. Canon C300, C500 (my new favorite cameras), and Conveyor belts galore!

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The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Just got back with the excellent chaps of Account One from the Northern most California coastal region for a fun-filled two days of cows, dairy farms, grass, cheese, and local splendor. For as much as you can hear or read about the redwoods, you have to stand amongst them to really understand what they’re about. I’ll definitely be going back with a smaller camera.

You just have no idea what the redwoods are about until you stand right there with ’em.

Southern most, coastal Oregon. Wow.

Sunrise near Crescent City. Yeah, it was worth getting up at 4am.

Farm dog cared about only one thing – fetching.

God, I love those Jersey cows.

You had to be there.

Southern most costal Oregon where the views can keep you there for a week.

Statue of President McKinley in McKinleyville, California.

Crescent City airport. Two flights in, two flights out each day (maybe).


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Erendira Wallenda, two helicopters, and many cameras.

Got up in the air  yesterday to film trapeze-artist Erendira Wallenda performing an acrobatic routine while suspended from a helicopter above Niagara Falls. The best part was banking hard over the American Falls on the way back with nothing but air between me and the water, woof!



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ISIS in America

Had the privilege of contributing camera work yesterday to Al’Amriki (The American) an eight-part interactive docu-series following social media and human rights activist, Hazem Farraj, as he explores the roots of Radical Islamic Terrorism through his own personal experience with religious persecution.

We visited the FBI office in Rochester, NY to see a presentation to local press specifically including two Rochester based ISIS sanctioned attackers who never ultimately achieved their objective thanks to the very fine work and dedication of the FBI.



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