Kay Jewelers web spot killin’ it

The new social media spot for Kay Jewelers I DP’ed is up and it’s getting crazy views. In the week it’s been up, it’s gotten about 1.5 million views! I think that qualifies as viral :-p

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Recent work for NYSAR

This is a fun little piece I shot back in late August with director Todd Bellanca.

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Makin’ caps with Chris

Got out to the New Era Cap factory in Derby, NY to shoot some manufacturing action with the actual CEO who ran the machines like a pro. Our crew ran like a clock for the 2 hour window we had with two Reds and a slider. Woof, hope it’s all in focus, haha.


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Judge Lynn Keane for State Supreme Court

Recent political spot for Judge Lynn Keane featuring a little 3-axis gimbal stabilizer action:

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New work for major jewelry retailer

Recently finished a day of 3 camera cinematography with Cumbo, Inc. for the largest specialty jewelry retailer in the US, UK and Canada (top secret for now.) Pictured here are camera operator Neal Ten Eyck and myself on the set. Amazing makeup artist Josselyn Scott was on hand to finesse our 8 pairs of interview subjects and I am super stoked to see the finished piece.


Photo: Ryan James

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Go Niagara County!

Just wrapped a week of shoot days for Niagara USA. We got to visit the big Niagara County tourist hot spots with our talent to see and feel it all first hand in an immersive cinematographic experience. I can’t decide if the helicopter ride, or getting pounded by Niagara Falls was my favorite, but I know the gorge hike was the most fun :-p




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Lauren Fix, now with Techron.

Got out to the Lauren Fix garage a little while ago to serve as chief lighting technician for a series of stills which will be used to market and advertise Chevron’s gas additive, Techron.

Once again, I spent a lot of time staring at cool cars and of course, that Ducati @_@



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