Yu Dy project

IMG_0482I returned to my roots as a still photographer recently for a day of shootage with model Yu Dy. My impetus for this project was initially just to create some cool stuff to hang on the walls of my place, but after adding makeup stylist Josselyn Scott, hair stylist Lauren Metz, and camera assistant Shannon Madden to the mix, it turned into something else.

IMG_0467Even after a missed JetBlue flight from JFK, a late start, and no lunch, we still managed to love each other at the end of the day and walk away with some decent imagery, and I’m even thinking about doing it again šŸ™‚




3T4B0260 B



3T4B0400(behind the scenes photos: Shannon Madden)

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5 Responses to Yu Dy project

  1. Lauren Metz says:

    I had an incredible experience working with you guys! You are amazing at what you do and it was my pleasure to be there to help you in completing the look of this project! They turned out beautiful! Thank you again!

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