Once more, back to Salt River Fields.

Flying into or out of the Northeast during winter is always a dicey proposition and we spun the wheel again recently with myself on one flight, our director Peter Cumbo on another, and 4 crew members on another flight – all on an early morning in Buffalo when it was below zero degrees. Below zero degrees is really not good for planes.


I got a text as I was waiting for my flight to board from Nikki saying their plane was “frozen.” They were delayed, and this was an omen for the rest us us flying out a little later than them. My plane was de-iced twice, once again completely after the pilot in the next frozen plane over radioed our pilot that “they missed a spot” (I guess that’s a good thing.)

IMG_20150215_151622We finally made it to the runway after being completely slathered with de-icer, throttle up, and, throttle back down. Ruh roh! Maintenance was asking for our plane to return. Great.

IMG_20150215_160445Apparently, Heisenberg was on our flight, unbeknownst to me, and he was not happy about having to deplane. So we waited, and had to board a different plane just in time for me to miss my connection in NYC, and have an adequate salmon dinner at the Radisson where I slept that night.

20150216_182127To make a long painful story a little shorter, WE had to book a new flight (thanks, Delta) so I could get into Scottsdale in time to prep for our 2 shoot days and was greeted with a nice Arizona sunset and a delicious tea based beverage, courtesy of JR Kraus.

20150217_064952We made it! And made much footage of MLB players at our most favorite baseball facility in the whole world, Salt River Fields.


chris_at_salt_river_fields Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 11.53.18 PM Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 11.57.03 PM

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