“The incisions are smaller, but the stories are bigger.”

Just recently visited beautiful summertime Watertown, NY with director Eric Frick to produce a 3rd spot for Samaritan Medical Center, featuring their cutting edge robotic surgery capability. We danced the weather dance, made our mandatory trip back to Coleman’s Corner, and even discovered an amazing Thai restaurant in Syracuse. Not bad.

Smaller incisions, less trauma, faster healing time – that’s what it’s about.

Wrenching on “The Frazer.”

One day out of two with full sun – not bad.

Joe stands by while I touch the camera a lot.

A lone camera awaits (shot one on day one).

A study in two distinctly different gaits.

Eric knows what he wants and we’re there to get it.

Our fishing man (he didn’t catch anything).

My least favorite operating position but Joe makes it bearable.

Director Eric contemplates greatness.

Eric squeezes coal into diamond right before our very eyes.

I just can’t function in the morning without my juice bag.

The driving creative force behind the whole effort, Eric and Dave. Also, a kick-ass acid jazz music duo :-p


Photos: Stephen Gabris

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