Jolt!, for your eyes!

Spent a lovely day yesterday with some of the Quinlan team, filming some social media work in support of a new line of cooling, lubricating, eye drops, called Jolt! I’m told this stuff wakes your eyes up, so until the Neuralink starts coming on line, hard core gamers should be dropping this stuff like energy drinks and hot pockets.


screen shot 2019-01-25 at 9.39.46 pm

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Witch Hunt: A Todd Bellanca joint

I got another chance to work with the man, director Todd Bellanca, last summer on his recent personal project featuring not only a cast of fine local actors but a dream location, CooCooU, which houses an endless ever changing ocean of super sweet mid century furnishings. dPost, Todd, and I collaborated on bringing Todd’s vision to light in this SAG New Media short film story involving a fictional mob boss using suspiciously familiar language more commonly heard in the political realm as of late.

173This project was shot entirely on Panasonic GH5S.

202Shoot in the rain? Sh’yeah!

245Setting up shot number 1 with Todd and the A-team standing by. 

259Todd Bellanca

605Our main set.


652Gettin’ it.

659Tha crew.

Photos: Stephen Gabris

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Caps and caps and caps.

Giant posters featuring my photography are currently hanging in Lids stores all over the country and also, here’s a nice little piece featuring my footage brought to life by Cumbo, Inc.

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Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Spent a number of days last summer roaming the grounds at the glorious Buffalo Botanical Gardens filming footage for their new video and THIS came out of it. My friends at Quinlan provided the creative direction as well as the amazing narration.

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Casual Fridays

I shot and color graded this recent web series for my awesome advertising friends at Quinlan. It was SO much fun:


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Samaritan Medical Center

Got up to picturesque Watertown, NY recently with the A team and director Eric Frick to film a commercial with The Martin Group for Walker Cancer Treatment Center, a brand new cancer treatment facility utilizing cutting edge tech. Will be going back to grab an exterior shot since it wasn’t completed, so looking forward to having more awesome sushi at Mizu Machi, OMG, amazing.

Photos: Stephen Gabris

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Recent adventures

Got down to the brand new National Comedy Center in Jamestown, NY recently for their grand opening and an interesting 1st Amendment panel discussion with Lewis Black, Paul Cambria, & Kitty Bruce, daughter of Lenny Bruce. The best part was the talk with Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman and writer Alan Zweibel from the original Saturday Night Live cast which brought back a LOT of memories for me.

National Comedy Center

If all that wasn’t fun enough, I also shot a series of quick fun interviews with Amy Schumer & Lewis Black for Tumblr.


I had the privilege of spending a few days with a crew from ATTN: on a fair housing piece in Buffalo for Zillow.


Spent some time in Olean, NY to shoot a commercial for Olean Area Federal Credit Union and discovered possibly the best Indian food on the entire planet at Tandoor.


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